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So, this is where a little confession comes out:  in addition to my interests in TG and nylons, I've also dabbled a bit in the shrinking arts!  Never been big on taking it to the realm of fantasy--dolls don't exactly do anything for me, if you get my drift--but especially when TG comes into play, I like the idea of the new girl being much smaller than she was before.  Not only does it enhance the femininity, but it also reduces the bravado of the former male...plus, I just think petite girls are adorable.  ;)

With all that in mind, this one takes a turn in that direction, and I definitely had a lot of fun with it!  Love Leighton Meester, of course!  =)  This is also the last of the caps I had created when I started the blog, so every post from here on out will be brand-new material you're seeing for the first time!

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