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Poll: Sequel Potential

Okay, so I'm ALMOST off for a little soiree` tonight.  ;)

But first, I've mentioned a few times lately that I think some of my caps are ripe for sequels--only problem is, I can't decide where to start!  So, I'm going to turn to you, my dears, for suggestions.  =)

Please comment below on which of these caps of mine you'd like to see followed-up in a future post:

...and by all means, feel free to utilize that "Other" option to your heart's content!  I just selected the ones I thought would be most likely to receive a continuation, but if you have another suggestion, I'd love to hear it. I'll also be glad to entertain the idea of follow-up pics; in other words, if you find a picture you think would be a great way to further an existing cap of mine, send it along, please!

We'll check the results in a week or so and go from there, okay?  =)  Have a great night, girls, and be safe!
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