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Cory's Last Night

That is, before his girlfriend made him into Cora, of course.  =)

I've always been a huge fan of white tights, so when I saw this sexy little POV shot, I thought it'd be fun to combine it with the blonde minx in the first pic, who looked mischievous to me the second I saw her.  The dialog's meaner than her expression, but I imagine it to be very sarcastic as she spits it at her now ex-boyfriend.

Speaking of which, I was due up for a revenge cap, but as with many of my works lately, I wonder where this one would go if it were continued?  Plenty of unanswered questions:  How did Cora's girlfriend transform her, and do others know who Cora is, or is she a stranger to them?  Plus, what kind of shoes will she pair with that outfit?  ;)  hehe

(PS:  Be sure to check out the new poll down and to the right!  Thanks, babes!)

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